Coordinator’s Corner

Help for coordinators leading ranger rosary making groups:

We have found it helpful to make rosaries as a group project. Contact us and receive information on where to order the supplies.

How to make take home kits to make five rosaries:

  1. Decide Army, Desert or NavyArmy – Green cord/black beads or Gray cord/black beads – this is the most popular color for the Army or Marines.Desert – Tan cord/brown beadsNavy – Gray cord/blue beads – there’s not much call for Navy rosaries, however.Crucifixes are black/brown.
  2. Use a strong zip lock sandwich bag that doesn’t open easily. Yellow Glad bags are best and strongest. Be sure you close them tight.
  3. Place a label on the bag before filling. The label can be used to provide your rosary coordinator’s name, e-mail, and telephone number (Optional). In addition, have the rosary maker put his name and phone number on the label in case there is a problem.


  1. Very Impoprtant: Do not cut or burn the ends. They must be checked by a coordinator and cannot be corrected if already cut or burned.
  2. Find a container that will measure about 65 beads (59 beads per rosary. 1,000 beads makes up to 17 rosaries).
  3. Add 5 crucifixes
  4. Add 5 pretaped cords–53 inches each. Wrap cords loosely with a thin rubber band. Keep the cords wrinkle free so knots will lay flat.
  5. Add instructions for making ranger rosary.
  6. Enclose a finished rosary as a sample.

For Groups

Kits are not necessary, use containers to hold beads. When packing, use bubble wrap covered by newspaper ( soldiers like to read the papers ), sturdy boxes and heavy duty packaging tape because they travel far. Be sure to pray together before you start–possibly a decade of the rosary.

When soliciting funds for this project, request tax deductible donations made out to your church with a notation on the check “for Ranger Rosary Ministry”. Request a separate account for ranger rosary donations and expenses.

People make rosaries individually or in groups but meeting each week together is quite a bit of fun. Our group at St. John Neumann has been coming every Wednesday for almost eight years. They look forward to being with each other. They go out to lunch once a month after the meeting and attend the mass where the rosaries are blessed. They pray for one another and truly care about each person and their situation. A decade of the rosary is also prayed and Chaplins remarks are also shared. While you are spreading devotion to the Mother of God through the prayers of the rosary, but also making many new friends. In a large group you must buy the supplies in bulk. Supplies are listed in the starter kits with the instructions.

We have had over 800 Chaplains who have requested over 800,000 rosaries. There are many other large church groups in the network making rosaries.